Bertel Schjerning

Professor, PhD

Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen









Bertel Schjerning
Professor, PhD
Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen

Øster Farimagsgade 5, building 25,
DK-1353 Copenhagen K.
Tel: +45 3532 3065
E-mail: bertel.schjerning@econ.ku.dk

Biographic information

M.Sc. Economics (2003) and Ph.D. Economics (2007) from University of Copenhagen
Dissertation Title: "Dynamic Aspects of Entrepreneurial Behavior"

Research Interests

I am a specialist in structural microeconometrics and numerical dynamic programming. I have conducted research on the development and implementation of techniques to solve and estimate models of intertemporal economic behavior involving sequential decision making over time and under uncertainty - including dynamic games. In my applied work I have focused various dynamic aspects of economic behavior including: strategic investment behavior of duopoly firms, entrepreneurial savings, human capital accumulation, job-creation and firm growth, household car ownership and driving decisions, and residential and work location choices.

Membership of Research Groups

I head the Centre for Computational Economics (CCE) that focus on the computational challenges in economics generally, but pay particular emphasis to research on dynamic games and dynamic programming models as well as their empirical applications to wide range of fields.

Supervision of students

PhD students in progress
Esben Scriver Andersen
Tróndur Møller Sandoy
Jonas Slaathaug Hansen
Nikolaj Moll Lund

Previous students
Patrick K. Mogensen (2021)
Christian Langholz Carstensen (2020)
Maria Juul Hansen (2020)
Frederik Plum Hauschultz (2019)
Anne-Line Helsø (2018)
Casper Nordal Jørgensen (2017)
Anders Munk-Nielsen (2015)
Thomas Høgholm Jørgensen (2014)
Kibrom Araya Abay (2013)
Megersa Abate (2012)